What Our Customers are Saying…

I purchased the 950 series tent for my mobile paint business back in the fall. Just wanted you all to know you make an INCREDIBLE product. It has paid for itself in just the amount of work it lets me do with the bad weather in comparison to not being able to do any work without it. It is a real attention getter and my dealers really view me as a professional with it. I give your number out at least once a month.

Nick T.
Boyertown, PA

We use our shelter (850XT) every day.

Bill H.
Sewaren, NJ

Absolutely love the shelter. My paint is spotless.

Paul S.
Hackettstown, NJ

The last two times I’ve packed it up it has been so much easier. I just needed to do it a few times and recognize the different things that were making it harder and correct them. I can have it in the bag in under 10 minutes now which is no problem for me. I had my heater set to 60° and it was cycling off today, which means it was hitting 60° inside the shelter! It’s almost too good, like I don’t deserve such a nice workspace. I love it, it’s almost luxurious for me.

Marty R.
Eau Claire WI

Just this week I used my FAST Shelter (850XT) four days in a row because of cold and windy conditions. With the heater in it the temperature gets up to about 80° and is great to work in.

Greg T.
Bird-in-Hand PA

The shelters have been successful because they are extremely easy to mobilize and store when not in use. They also remain stable in windy conditions surprisingly well. It appears as they move with the wind rather than fight it. Also, all of the methods available to secure them are excellent.

Darren T.
Manitoba, Canada

We first used our shelter (ERS1020) for Safety Saturday and it was a smashing success. It was used at the entrance to direct the flow of visitors. It looks very professional and is very well made in the USA. We are always glad to support US manufacturing companies.

Ralph H.
Wheaton IL

We are extremely happy with our FAST Shelter unit(850 side entrance). We have 3 vans but because of bad weather only the van with the shelter has been working. Yesterday there was 20mph winds with 25mph gusts and shelter performed wonderfully. Side entrance is very useful, allows great access to vehicles.

Jason D.
Lake Tapps WA

I purchased the model 850 last fall and once again have to commend you on a great product. Even though we don’t have the extreme weather here in the Dallas area as other parts of the country my FAST Shelter paid for itself in no time. Cold, rain or even those hot humid days I never worry about the elements causing me down time. In fact, I am looking forward to the 100 plus degree days watching the other vendors boil while I will be shaded and cool with my FAST Shelter and my mobile swamp cooler. I am also glad that you told me the advantages of moving up to the model 850. For a one man operation I believe it is the perfect size allowing ample room to move around and still portable for myself. I highly recommend a FAST Shelter to anyone doing mobile reconditioning or any business that requires stationary outside work. When you add up the cost of lost income due to the weather you can see how a portable shelter will pay for itself in no time.

Darrell S.
Frisco TX

The new 950XT inflatable shelter has been working great. With the van connector and a simple propane torpedo heater its almost like working in our heated shop even in below freezing temperature. This shelter was put to the test this month when we washed over 200 vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show, McCormick Place, in below freezing temperatures. When we update our website we will be adding a photo of the shelter, with our logo on it, in action!

Roman B.
Northern IL

We could not run our Mobile Detailing business here in the Tacoma WA area with out it. We absolutely blow people away when we inflate it, they are truly amazed.

We find the quality of your product to be superior for our day to day mobile detailing, it is easy to set up, take down, secure and very comfortable to work in, once we blow hot propane heated air into it, at least during the colder months in WA state.

Scott N.
Tacoma, WA

Rec’d the tent today and I must say, how unbelievably impressed I was. It is fantastic, very happy with it and it looks just as good as it does on your website.

I would like to say a very big thank you for your assistance through the whole process. I couldn’t be happier, I am extremely impressed and I can assure you I have told many people about your product and your company.

Once again thank you very much, it’s not often you get to say this but you guy’s have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Guy Morris
SBA Sodablast Australia

Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!  Love the FAST Shelter.  Was able to work 15 days last month that normally wouldn’t.  Thanks again for all your help.

Dan D.
Fond du Lac, WI

Just a comment to say that I purchased a FAST Shelter (850) last week and it arrived this past Thursday.  I had about a 12 hour job that ended up being outside work with no real protection.  It was cold and windy.  If it hadn’t been for the FAST Shelter I would have had to cancel the job until warmer weather.  With the FAST Shelter and a heater I was able to complete the project on 8 vehicles.

Thanks for everything.

Robert E.
Brandon, MS

Before I bought the shelter I was very concerned about water leakage inside.  Since I’ve owned it not one drop has found its way in.  I use my unit 8 hours a day 5 days a week and it is excellent.

Denny C.
Mt Airy, MD

Excellent!  Very pleased with the unit.  Better than expected.

Bob W.
Milwaukee, WI

We do more work now, especially on rainy, breezy days.  Works great on smaller dealer lots.  Some dealers won’t allow us to take cars from their lot, so the FAST Shelter is perfect.  Also a great conversation starter!

Mike C.
Brooklyn Park, MN

We work when other people can’t.  We have to split one dealership with another company, but they don’t have a shelter.  We work three days, they work two, but we often do their work because of the weather.  Makes me money.

Lance K.
Walkersville, MD

I really don’t have an option. With several techs on the road every down day costs me thousands.  FAST Shelter basically stops weather days.

Harlan S.
Fredericksburg, VA

Does a real good job.  I work every day.

Bill N.
Harrisburg, PA