Portable Paint Booths

FAST Shelter Portable Paint Booths include our proven inflatable shelter system combined with our Positive Filtration System to create a weatherproof Portable Paint Booth.

Our inflatable Portable Paint Booth systems are compliant with EPA 6H regulations as well as OSHA requirements. Our systems are designed to be used outside in inclement weather to provide a controlled environment with in which to paint. We manufacture our booths in Phoenixville PA and if you don’t see exactly what you need please contact us as we can certainly customize a product for you.

Portable Paint Booth

As seen on NBC Sports TV Motorhead Garage!

FAST Shelter Portable Paint Booths combine our proven shelter systems with our Positive Filtration System to create a portable, weatherproof Paint Booth

The FAST Shelter Portable Paint Booth includes the following:

FAST Shelter inflatable structure Positive Filtration System Windows and pre-filters in one door end Van/Trailer Connector on one end Zipper in floor

Sizes / Pricing

PPB 690$5985.00
inside dimension: 10 ft wide, 20 ft long, 8 ft tall
door opening height:8 ft, deflated tent: 3ft in diameter, 140 lbs
PPB 790$6295.00
inside dimension: 12 ft wide, 20 ft long, 8 ft tall
door opening height:8 ft, deflated tent: 3 ft in diameter, 170 lbs
PPB 890$6565.00
inside dimension: 16 ft wide, 20 ft long, 8 ft tall
door opening height:8 ft, deflated tent is 3 ft in diameter, 185 lbs
PPB 990$8995.00
inside dimension: 16 ft wide, 25 ft long, 9 1/2 ft tall
door opening height:9 ft, deflated tent is 3 ½ ft diameter, 215 lbs

Standard Specifications

1. Inflated Framework
2. Shelter Cover
3. Drape Door
4. Base Tubes

5. Pre-filters / Windows

  • Framework: 8oz vinyl coated nylon, waterproof, UV inhibited and Flame Retardant Double stitched seams using #69 bonded polyester thread with glue reinforcement where necessary
  • Base: 14 oz vinyl coated nylon, waterproof and Flame Retardant
  • Cover: 8oz vinyl coated nylon, waterproof, UV inhibited and Flame Retardant Pieces of cover are heat welded together
  • Floor: 10 oz vinyl coated nylon, waterproof
  • Fabric has Flame retardant rating (FR rated) under the following codes: FAR 25.853 PARA B; CCCT 191 METHOD 5902;
    NFPA 701 LARGE SCALE; CPAI – 84.
Inflation Blower
  • 690, 790, 890, 990: 1HP External blower; 6.9amps with back pressure; 850cfm Which must remain running to keep shelter inflated
Additional Components
  • Two drape doors
  • Two park-on patches
  • Internal cross straps
  • Eight tie-down straps
  • Two utility duct port in cover to allow for  filtration/heat/AC access
  • D-rings inside shelter for accessory attachment
  • External top cover banner tabs
  • One Heavy duty vinyl pack up bag
  • One repair kit
  • One instruction manual


We’ve made them smaller, larger and everywhere in between.
If you feel like one of the above sizes isn’t quite right, please give a call or send an email and let us know exactly what you are looking for.

Options / Portable Paint Booth

BANNERS Starting at $165.00

On the shelter, banner tabs are on both sides as a standard feature.

LOGOS or lettering can be placed on the sides of the shelter to advertise your business.  Why not make this both a work station and billboard for your business at the same time? 

Any text can be used.  Banners are removable.  Text is hand painted or appliqued.  Complicated logos are digitally printed. We can recreate any design in any color.

We can paint or digitally print your logo

Ground Stakes $160.00

Set of four (4) 1″ x 30″ steel ground stakes

HEATER $3595.00

Pelsue Model 45k BTU 1590 one-piece Axial Propane Heater / Blower provides fresh, warm air. Indirect fired. Propane tank not included.

  • 120 V
  • 4 Amp
  • 47 lbs

HEATER $2495.00

Flagro 85k BTU Propane Heater / Blower provides fresh, warm air.
Direct fired. Propane tank not included.

  • 120 V
  • 15 Amp
  • 135 lbs

Cooldraft Misting Fan $825.00

Cooldraft M1-360
22″ High Velocity fan with four positions and three speeds Designed to cool 400-600 sq ft Water required for operation

  • 110 V
  • 3.4 Amp
  • 34 lbs
  • 33″ H x 24″W x 18″D with fan in cooler

EASY BREEZE Air Mover 12″ Fan $715.00

The fan is located outside the shelter and is connected to fabric ductwork that enters the side fo the shelter and then runs the length of the shelter hugging the top. the ductwork has exhaust holes every 20″ to allow the ducted air to circulate throughout the shelter.

A heater or cooler can be attached to the systems fan. 

The ductwork fabric is both FR and UV rated.

12″ System – recommended for Shelters 10′ x 20′ and larger has a sealed 120V motor which draws 4 amps and moves 2000 cu ft per minute

See a video of the Easy Breeze here!

WATER LOG $325.00 each

Perfect way to secure your shelter on hard ground when there is light winds.

Seven feet long, multiple attaching points, handles to move easily, holds 200lbs of water.

Modifications to the standard designs of our inflatable shelters are not a problem because we are the manufacturer.  There may be an additional charge.

We will work with you so that you have the FAST Shelter that works best for your business.  Just call and talk to us about your needs.

Portable Paint Booth Photos

Model #PPB690
Model #PPB790
Model #PPB890
Model #PPB990

Set Up / Take Down – Portable Paint Booth

Make sure there is enough room for your FAST Shelter inflatable tent before you take it from your work van or pickup truck.  Walk off about 30 feet in one direction and 15 feet in the other.  And if it is a windy location, be sure to leave room to park a vehicle on the attached pads for better stability.

Call or email us with any questions.

FAST Shelter  comes in a heavy duty viny bag with tie up straps.  Undo the straps, flip the bag on its side and roll out the shelter.  Any flat surface will do.

Locate the two end doors and drag the shelter to face the way you want.  Spread the shelter out flat so that the bottom black tubes are pulled tightly opposite each other.  It is a little easier to do with two people, but one can handle it.

Place the blower by the blower tube and attach the tube.

Plug in the electric cord and turn on the blower. FAST Shelter will begin to inflate.

FAST Shelter inflates by itself. It is the tubes that inflate, not the whole structure.

You are ready to work!