FAST Shelter Wall

Designed from the outset to provide protection from the elements during building construction and maintenance, the FAST Shelter Wall has found acceptance in many other areas.

It can be used in boat maintenance when stripping hulls of bottom paint to contain the hazardous debris and increase the comfort and safety of the workers

Working on large equipment in the field where a complete enclosure is not required but where wide open exposure is not acceptable.

In plant maintenance that requires covering equipment: for instance, media blasting equipment which cannot be easily covered by our standard shelters. By taking two FAST Shelter Walls and joining them at the top an enclosure is created which is quick to install and very effective.

FAST Shelter Walls can be joined end to end to form a longer wall and up to three joined walls can be operated from a single blower. Modifications to the basic design are possible. New uses for the FAST Shelter Wall are constantly being discovered, so give us a call to discuss your project.

Sizes / Pricing

Below is our current selection of models of FAST Shelter Walls.


10ft High
10ft Long
7ft from the vertical

Pricing includes the FAST Shelter Wall inflatable with two end curtains, inflation fan (which must remain running for operation,) tie down straps, pack up bag and instructions.