Frequently Asked Questions

Does fan need to run all the time?

For all IndustrialPaint Booths and ERS Shelters the fan DOES need to run continuosly to keep the shelter inflated. For the AirTite units, the fan does NOT need to run continuosly.

Is it waterproof?

The covers of all our shelters all are manufactured using a hot wedge welder which means there is no sewing of seams in our covers. This creates a waterproof environment.

Does it come with a floor?

The Paint Booths and AirTite shelters come standard with a floor. The other shelters, do not.

How much wind will the shelter handle? 

For all Industrial, Paint Booths and ERS Shelters, our recomendation is that when properly secured the shelter will handle sustained winds to 25mph. For AirTite shelters properly secured they will handle sustained winds to 35mph.

How do I secure the shelter?

Check HERE!

Does it work in hot and cold?

Yes the fabric and blower will work from 20°F to 120°F.

Will the shelter pop?

Though infrequent, you may need to patch a hole in the shelter, which is done using a repair kit provided with purchase.

What size generator do I need?

We recommend a 3500watt unit. This will power the blower and have power left over for accessories, tools, etc.