Anchoring Your Shelter

Your shelter should ALWAYS be secured when it is inflated. Even if there seems to be no wind at all.
There are two primary ways to secure your shelter.

  1. The included “tire” or weight patches can be attached to the side of the base tubes and a vehicle or weight can be placed on them. This is acceptable if there is little or no wind. If there is any appreciable wind then the tie down straps MUST be used.
  2. Depending on the size of your shelter you may have between eight and twelve tie down straps. When there is any wind present these straps must be secured to something that is permanent or solid(ie a car/truck). Some examples are light poles, fence post or a guardrail. A thirty inch long, one inch diameter ground stake that is driven into the ground is also an acceptable spot to tie the straps to.

Our Water Logs can also be used to secure your shelter. Fill them with water and you have 200 lbs of support at the corner of your shelter.